Rebelution grows a forest at House of Blues

Published March 28, 2011 by Laura S

It appears as though the House of Blues has figured out how to sprout seedlings and grow into a forest overnight. For the amount of fake plants on stage, it looks like a silk factory spun out of control and wove its way around Rebelution’s instruments.

There’s no other way to go about it: this concert smells like a marijuana factory went up in flames and someone unsuccessfully tried to put out the fire with a double dose of Dimetapp. The California band opens with “Green to Black,” and the very creatively titled, “So High.” Rebelution’s music is a byproduct of an exceedingly time consuming hobby.

According to the amount of license plates I see on the road, and a recent D Magazine article, many of you are from California; as am I, so I don’t feel bad discussing a few things I miss about the Golden State: namely the reggae vibe, and beach wear clothing; both of which were heavily prevalent at this concert. The band spent the evening stomping all over my heart in their DC’s and Etnies

Bottom Line: Probably one of the best concerts we’ve been to in a while, mainly because the audience rocked (rolled?). But we’re curious to know what would have happened if the police showed up, mon.

Photography by Emili Carmichael