Band of Brothers, and not the Miniseries

Published February 24, 2011 by Laura S

Former US Presidents having nothing on Boyce Avenue. They (the band, not the Presidents) are playing a sold out show on Monday, President’s Day, which means audience members have ditched their history papers and Excel spreadsheets in favor of a placid concert more relaxing than a night spent on the couch, waiting for Tuesday's obligations to swarm their minds and hinder healthy sleeping patterns. You can hear the voices of fans at the box office range in pitch from excitement to disappointment upon hearing the Cambridge Room at House of Blues is completely out of tickets.

A band of brothers hailing from Sarasota Florida, Boyce Avenue keeps it a family affair between Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian Manzano. They fall into the rock genre with a mature lyricism wise beyond their collective years. Drummer Jason Burrows is not a sibling, but possesses the kindred downbeats of a blended family member.

Boyce Avenue has progressed from former set lists fully loaded with melodious covers of hit songs that gained them international popularity, to sets mostly composed of original work. “This is our fourth time in Dallas, and we can promise you it will not be our last,” says lead singer Alejandro. Their audience has grown with them from the beginning as they worked to establish a name and create a place for themselves in the music industry.

During songs such as “Tonight,” and “Not Enough,” Alejandro’s voice ebbs over the audience like waves in a serene ocean from which reemergence is negotiable. Singing with utmost sincerity, he could make anyone believe the most embellished of lies.

The boys have a tough time introducing their songs as their speaking voices battle to be heard against the crowd’s fervent cheering. “This next song is a somewhat of a romantic balled tune, it’s actually the very first song that I ever wrote,” Alejandro says of song “Find Me,” making 75% of the girls in the crowd scream, leaving room for the attached 25% to change their Facebook status from “In a relationship" to “It’s complicated” that very moment.

Most absence of sound during song transitions is filled with I love you’s and you’re hot’s. As they progressed into their foundational acoustic set, Burrows left the stage and the brothers took a seat; bassist Daniel transitioning to the cajón and tambourine. Their cover of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” is beautiful enough to make the pop singer hang up her multi-colored wigs and relinquish her reigning iTunes hit singles crown.  Alejandro knows how to command his audience, twisting Taio Cruz’s "Dynamite" lyrics with a local spin, singing “Dallas let’s go”. When the music stops, his voice is pitch perfect enough to be considered an instrument of its own, and Daniel and Fabian’s background vocals give off a distinct semblance to Alejandro’s lead pipes that can only be achieved by brothers.

The show took a somber turn with tune “Briane” written for a friend’s wife who unexpectedly committed suicide. The song details what they would have said to her if she were still alive. Say what you will about life and spirituality, but heard live, this song is powerful enough to make someone reconsider their outlook.

Next steps: About to embark on a European tour, they left the house with these words: “We will be back, Dallas. We will be back.”

Listen in: “Find Me” (for those in a romantic-y mood) and cover of U2’s “With or Without You” featuring Kina Grannis. Note the amount of YouTube views.

Final word: Ladies, these boys will make you swoon. Dudes, same goes for you. The people that I mentioned earlier standing sans un billet at the beginning of this story? All guys. Plan accordingly for their next date back in the Big D.

Photography by Emili Carmichael