Bean Performs Live at House of Blues

Published July 18, 2012 by Caitlin Clark

Big sounds and big, blonde hair surrounded Bean as she lit up the stage at Dallas’ House of Blues. The only thing betraying the fact that this was the charismatic pop star's first real performance was her utter shock at the audience’s newfound devotion to her.

She took a moment to take everything in. Just last year she had come to the House of Blues to see one of her favorite performers, and now it was her turn. After that moment passed, she assumed her pop star persona, charming and entrancing the audience song after song. 

Upbeat pop sounds filled the small stage of the Cambridge Room, until  a song that both blends in with the sound she has created  and has an entity all its own. She quieted the audience for ‘Sunshine’, a poignant song played with very few instrumentals, relying more on the lyrics and Bean’s voice. ‘Sunshine’ is the name her father called her little sister until he passed away on July 4 several years ago. As Bean crooned the sentimental song, the crowd fell silent. They were  completely absorbed, hanging on every note and every lyric.

Once the song subsided, everyone had a moment to collect themselves; but just a moment, because Bean picked right back up where she left off. A little pop, a little retro and a whole lot of personality; Bean has a sound all her own.

With only seven songs in her musical arsenal, Bean’s time on stage was brief, but momentous. She ran offstage to make way for the headliner, leaving the crowd yelling Encore and begging for more.

More from Bean they shall certainly see. After her promising start there are so many big things to come for this little star. Currently, Bean is in the Big Apple, performing at a private event this Wednesday at Ogilvy & Mather, an international advertising, marketing and public relations agency in Manhattan. A new city, a new crowd to fall under her spell.

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Bean at House of Blues