If you like good music, then you own a plaid shirt.

Published November 29, 2010 by Laura S

I’ve never been a stud at science, but my time spent at House of Blues proves my “if, then” statement true. The venue is packed for main stage act K-Ci and JoJo, but I skip the line and head to the Cambridge Room where Matt Costa will be playing, and a much more intimate audience has gathered to hear the sounds of opening act Everest (the band, not the mountain). I have never heard of them before. But if I could rewind my life 4 years and add them to my iTunes repertoire, I’d do it.

Looks like: Kings of Leon just got back from a hunting trip in 1970.

Sounds like: The Rolling Stones. Steppenwolf. CSNY. Good music that we’ve been missing for decades. These guys are everything that is good about rock 'n’ roll. And I do not use that term in a light manner.

I hear moments of inspiration from “Gimme Shelter” and “Magic Carpet Ride”, and browse Spin to find out more about these guys. Turns out I’m not the only one to equate Everest to rock 'n’ roll royalty; Neil Young hand-picked the band to open for his North American Tour in 2008. This makes sense.

“I know a lot of you haven’t seen us before but hopefully you’ll become fans and we’ll see you again,” front man Russell Pollard said to a cheering house, “let’s do that!”

The men of Everest are multi-talented musicians. Pollard switched from guitar to drums – forget about “drummers not being able to sing” -- this dude rocked it. And Joel Graves has fingers of fury for guitar and keys. Drummer Davey Latter tells me they’ve been on the road for two months, and he is kind enough to give me their latest album, On Approach. “Thanks so much again for being a part of the show tonight and for coming and seeing us. We really appreciate you,” Pollard said to a room of new fans and closed the set for Matt Costa to take the stage. These are reasons why you gotta get to the venue early. Time to amp up your rock 'n’ roll playlist.