House of Blues Dallas creates an intimate setting with artist Joshua Radin

Published November 17, 2010 by Laura S

If you’re a super introspective person who watches Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy with the Shazaam app open and your thumb on the “refresh” button, you’ve probably captured a tune or two of Joshua Radin’s via the tube. His soothing, calm, melodious voice makes girls swoon and long for the romanticism of centuries past. This is precisely why I’ve been waiting all season to see his name appear on the Live Nation line up. His third studio album, The Rock and the Tide, was released October 12, and last week Radin was in Dallas to promote it on the House of Blues stage. 

His first two songs slated as an acoustic set before his band joined him onstage. He opened with “No Envy No Fear”, where he stepped away from the mic to let his voice resonate throughout the venue, and progressed into “Everything’ll Be Alright,” a song originally written as a lullaby (and one of my favorites – recommended for your before-hitting-the-pillow ritual). 

“This is a song I wrote after about, I think it was forty-four days in a row without seeing the sun…and it was just driving me crazy. I was missing this girl back in the states and you know, this is what came out. It’s called ‘I Think I’ll Go Inside’,” Radin said, and performed the song to a quiet audience whose sole intention was to listen and be moved by his lyrics.

Though his bare ring finger claims to know nothing of marriage, he has found the track, “Today,” off his first album We Were Here is frequently used for matrimonial bliss, “… for some reason this became like a wedding song, but like yeah, I’ve never been married. And I don’t know anything about marriage. But apparently people are getting married to this song, it’s a new trend, and…it looks like 10s of people,” he joked about his under-the-radar status, and the audience laughed with him.

He encouraged crowd participation during “Nowhere To Go,” and the audience put their hands in the air and clapped along. “Now we’re cookin’,” said Radin of the enthusiastic house. “Ah, I like this audience. I just want to keep playing.” Love to House of Blues for making the singer-songwriter experience explosive. “Thank you so much Dallas,” he said to the crowd, and wrapped his intimate performance.