The Maine Rallies to Teenage Screams at House of Blues

Published May 31, 2011 by Laura S

All right, I have to admit it. I had never heard of The Maine before seeing the name attached to the likes of Augustana on the poster for the “Boston” band’s summer tour. A fan of Augustana’s since 2005’s Stars and Boulevards, I wrote The Maine off as just some other act that was touring with a band that I was compelled to see in concert. Cool, I thought. If they’re opening for Augustana, they must be good. After ample research, I found that The Maine is a) co-headlining with Augustana (and closing the show, at that) and b) has over 77,000 followers on Twitter. Where have I been? Is some type of cultural phenomenon going on, perpetuated by iTunes, completely escaping my genius recommendations? I still don’t know. But I do know that, after seeing The Maine tear apart the stage at House of Blues Dallas, they kick some serious ass, and deserve every one of those tens of thousands of Twitter followers.

Current album Black & White harnesses a more mature sound departure from their first album (2008 Can’t Stop Won’t Stop) which is weird to say because members of The Maine are so young, I can't imagine a three-year younger version of them being legally allowed to work.

“How’s everybody doing in Dallas, Texas?” frontman John O'Callaghan surveyed the crowd. The Maine took the House of Blues stage to ear-piercing screams by teenie boppers, some rendered unable look at the stage because it was all too much to handle. Reminiscent of The Academy Is, their sound is something that I totally would’ve rocked out to in high school along with Cartel and Taking Back Sunday. During my interview with the band earlier in the evening, they look like kids in comparison to the professional photos that gloss their website. But holy crap can they rock hard. The evening’s set included catchy dance-inducing track “Right Girl” and pop-anthem “Color.”

“This is an old song,” O'Callaghan said before singing “I Must Be Dreaming," and I wonder, how?It’s borderline unfair for them to deem certain songs “old” when they haven’t had enough life experience to have yet been summoned to jury duty.

“This is wild, this is very wild,” O'Callaghan confessed his excitement for the first night of the tour, which marks the band’s last tour behind their most recent album Black & White. Bassist Garrett Nickelsen hinted that the band may have already recorded some new 'stuff.’ The last few songs of the night came as rapid fire from the Black & White album, such as “Inside of You,” “Don't Stop Now” and “Growing Up,” where O'Callaghan fittingly professed his intoxication to the rambunctious audience.

The youngsters remarked that they are “extremely extremely extremely fortunate” to be on tour with Augustana. Pairing with a huge name this early in their career, this is just a preview for what’s to come for these youthful rockers.

Photography by Emili Carmichael

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