Augustana at House of Blues

Published May 19, 2011 by Laura S

Similar to: A drive down PCH at 7:30pm, the sun setting through your wayfarers, the wind ruffling your perfectly coiffed hair.

Last week, Southern California-based band Augustana kicked off their summer tour in Dallas, co-headlining with The Maine (who, fun fact, are actually from Arizona). YouPlusDallas met with Augustana backstage for an on-camera interview, where guitarist Chris Sachtleben asked us what it’s like to work Downtown (awesome) and said the band was wishing they could’ve seen the Lakers play the Mavs in Dallas during their time here, but after a sweep, that dream unraveled as quickly as the Lakers' reputation.

Apparently, Augustana is now an instrumental band. During opening song “Sweet and Low” lead singer Dan Layus’s mic didn't work; but he laughed it off with a sly half-smile, and the audience helped out with the words until the audio resurged mid-way through the song. Layus’s raspy vocals are like a gymnast in competition; his execution is always brilliant, but you still worry that he won’t be able to stick the landing - until he lands, feet together, arms up – in the perfect dismount.

Touring behind their recently released third studio album, most of the songs played during the show, such as “Wrong Side of Love,” “Hurricane” and “Counting the Stars,” were new to longtime fans, but well received.

Augustana is pretty much synonymous with “Boston” from the 2006 single's success. Just as I started to wonder if the band is near contractually obligated to play it during each performance, Layus joked, “this is a song that I wrote about Dallas,” and sat down at the keyboard to play the famed song. As the band exited the stage, Layus gave a peace sign to the audience, and the crew readied the stage for The Maine.

Our Artist Interview Sessions video with Augustana will air Monday, May 23rdCheck back next week for The Maine concert review. View our Augustana You+Pics Photoblog.

Photography by Emili Carmichael